The Five-Finger Club

Have you heard about the study released last month that claims people who are gay or lesbian have shorter index fingers than straight people? One might conclude that it gives us a disadvantage in reaching the G-spots or prostate glands of our lovers. But I see it as a bonus: The shortcoming makes room for the other four fingers! After all, when you think of hand balling someone's butt, you think gay men. Likewise, fitting all five digits into a hungry hole is automatically associated with lesbian lust.

When I was a babydyke in college, vaginal fisting--penetration with your entire hand--was definitely the hip sexual activity among queer girls. In the late '80s, I remember budding sexpert Susie Bright's vulva-stretching On Our Backs article about it, and more than one homemade sapphic porno capturing the delicious deed on video. Girls who fuck girls are always devising ingenious new ways to give our pussies pleasure, since we have not one but two little kitties to make purr. When one woman fists another, it is a defiant act—bold, outrageous, boundary-busting. Oh, and it feels great, too.

But fisting is not just for muffdivers anymore. More and more heterosexual couples are getting into the experience. As a man with his finger on the pulse of sexual trends, Taboo magazine editor and s/m porn producer Ernest Greene is a big fisting fan: "I was introduced to it by a bisexual woman. I think it's a woman-driven development in sexuality. Women like to explore the range of possibilities their bodies hold."

Fisting is yet another example of hets having queer sex, which is always a good thing. Another hand man, Bryn Pryor, editor of Adult Video News, says: "I first did it as a teenager, encouraged by my girlfriend, who knew what she wanted and told me to do it. I did it before I even knew there was a name for it. You can feel every movement that your partner makes."

Men who fist discover they have an important sex tool (other than the obvious one) that can show their partners a good time. And let's face it, as women get older, especially if they have kids, everything gets bigger. Girls, instead of dishing out cash for misogynist cosmetic surgery to tighten your fuck-hole, simply encourage your sweetie to give you a hand. It's also a perfect antidote to men's size anxieties: You guys might be limited in what's between your legs, but I bet you've got big mitts. If you come and she hasn't, or she wants to come again before you're ready for round two, slip inside her in a different way and listen to the sound of one hand clapping. Sounds a lot like an orgasm. Now, fellas, if you do want to give your girl the five-finger discount, I suggest lots of lube, patience, warm-up, and communication.

At a private sexfest I witnessed last year, Ernest Greene put his large hand inside a fierce, ballerina-bodied woman with fiery red hair; after several orgasms, she actually rotated 360 degrees around his fist—an unbelievable party trick. The acrobat turned out to be porn star Chloe, a fisting diva who's out to change the world's view of this sacred act. "It gets me off better than anything else," she says. "You just can't be any fuller than when you have someone's entire hand inside you. It's also emotional, even spiritual for me. It's the only act that can actually move me to tears, but they are good tears."

Last year, Chloe was caught at the center of a porn industry mini-scandal involving her favorite fetish. While filming Tampa Tushy Fest for producer Seymore Butts, Chloe and costar Alisha Klass got very hot and heavy. Alisha had always wanted to try fisting and knew that Chloe was the perfect teacher. Alisha ended up with both her hands inside Chloe's cavity and Chloe's hand inside Alisha's ass. "I made the choice to include the scene," says Seymore Butts. "It was real, spontaneous. Both of them were so into it." Butts knew he was taking a chance. You see, industry custom firmly places fisting among unacceptable acts—along with pissing, sex and bondage, enemas, and other fun stuff. You can put four fingers inside a woman, you can put a dildo the size of a tree in her, but you can't slip that thumb inside under any circumstances without putting the film's distribution at risk.

But Seymore decided to go for it. The scene was clearly not a coercive or degrading exploitation of two drugged-up naive girls off the street. It was a spirited expression of sexuality between two of the best and brightest in the business. After some retailers panicked about the content, Seymore offered them the option of replacement without the fisting segment. Only 3 to 5 percent of the tapes came back.

"I think I did a service to show people a new form of pleasure," Butts argues, "one that hasn't been represented in adult video since the '70s. I believe people do learn about new things from porn. The scene won two major industry awards, which is validation that we did a good thing."

In an industry where videos depict 30 men ejaculating on one woman's face, girls being double penetrated, and other unconventional activities, why is fisting considered obscene? "People think of it as violent, that it hurts. But it can be a slow, loving, consensual experience on the woman's terms," says Chloe. "I think the word fisting misleads people—this is not the Fight Club."

Chloe's latest attempt to push the envelope is her starring role as a fisting guru in The Fist, the Whole Fist, and Nothing but the Fist (Elegant Angel Video), released last month. Chloe decided to do the film because she believes there isn't enough information out there: "People come to me all the time—other actresses, crew members, fans—for advice and suggestions. They want to try it, but they want to do it right." In the video, she leads 12 female porn stars (seven of whom had never been high-fived on the inside) through the basics of technique and safety. By the end, 10 of the women get vaginally fisted, and actress Felicia Ann also takes a hand in her ass.

The jury is still out on the distribution issues, whether enough retailers will agree to carry the video and if it will sell. I have a feeling it will, since audiences are starved for information on the subject. Greene applauds the effort: "Like s/m, fisting has moved inward from the fringe to the mainstream to become part of the menu of sexual activity. When there is more depiction of it, there's a greater understanding and a greater interest in the practice itself." For Chloe, the video was mission accomplished: "It was amazing to witness—to see these women getting off in a way that I have been personally getting off for years. It was one of the biggest thrills of my life."

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