The Obama Presidency's Legacy of Hate

Obama's first press conference is already a hit with rightbloggers! "Obama uses his first press conference to make fun of an elderly widow," says Liberty Lounge, referring to Obama's mild joke about Nancy Reagan today. "Say what you will about President George W. Bush," dudgeons NewsBusters, "but I don't recall him ever mocking an elderly widow in his pronouncements." "Never mind that there is no record of Mrs. Reagan ever having speaks with the dead," sniffs Sweetness & Light. "Obama Bashes Nancy Reagan for Alternative Religious Beliefs," headlines Red Alerts. "Making fun of beloved, sick and elderly former First Ladies," weeps American Pundit.

"The Dow has dropped by more than 100 points since his press conference began," says National Review's David Freddoso.

Who'd have ever imagined John Podhoretz would be the class of the field?

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