The Poetry of Phil Rizzuto

In the comments section of the Runnin' Scared post on the passing of Phil Rizzuto, reader JR asked "Some years back, the VV used to print some of his TV commentary in the form of poetry. Please reprint some, you huckleberries. Thanks."

Well, I've got bad news and good news. The bad news is the editorial department just moved. It was just one floor, from the third to the fourth floor of the same building, but it was enough of a disruption that our library is still in boxes. But I will try and track down the Rizzuto poems in their original form.

The good news is my buddy Pete has a copy of O Holy Cow! The Selected Verse of Phil Rizzuto and by pure serendipity emailed me a poem this morning that he thought fitting for the occasion.

(I can't say for sure if this was one of the poems that originally ran in the Voice.)

My Secret

When I'm driving to Yankee Stadium and back, I do it so often.

I don't remember passing lights. I don't remember paying tolls Coming over the bridge.

Going back over the bridge, I remember ...

August 19, 1992 Oakland at New York Mike Moore pitching to Mel Hall Fifth inning, one out, bases empty Yankees lead 4-1

Stay tuned.

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