The Top 10 Freakiest Film Clips

The Top 10 Freakiest Film Clips

Your best alternative to opting out of Halloween completely: Vegging in front of the ol' tele -- because, let's get serious for a second, the idea of partying it up Sunday night isn't exactly motivating when you consider the East Village barrage of drunken revelers, that getting a costume now is nearly pointless (Ricky's only has scraps of Snooki), and we have to work the next day! So a scary-movie marathon it is, unless you really want to be a jerk and ask your friend if you can borrow their kid to go trick-or-treating.

Narrowing down what movies to rent (don't bother with the instant-watch Netflix selection, unless you dig meaningless boob shots like in Fright Night) can be a stressful undertaking, so we've compiled the scariest scenes.

10. The Omen (1976) Since no one has the balls to stab little precious Damien (the original Problem Child), the one man willing to go head-to-head with the Antichrist gets his cut off.

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