The "Vaginal" McCarren Park Tree Has Been Pierced

If the phrase "only in Williamsburg" gives you cause for concern, do not click ahead. Traumatizing (but safe-for-work!) dendrophilia fantasy after the jump.

The "Vaginal" McCarren Park Tree Has Been Pierced

Via New York Shitty, what you're looking at is the Williamburg's infamous McCarren Park "Vagina Tree" -- or "Tree Twat," depending on your preference -- which has now been giving an adornment of what can only be interpreted as a "clitoral piercing" by some crafty Williamsburg resident, one who is presumably a University of Texas fan ("Hook 'em, Horns," indeed).

Greenpeace has yet to be contacted for comment. While likely done for cheeky if not "esoteric" effect, this is likely the kind of public (pubic?) "art" that will only serve to further attract Williamsburg's "newfound" "Haterade drinking" "Bridge and Tunnel" crowd. Also, we won't be impressed until the (not-in-Williamsburg) Williamsburg Savings Bank tower gets a Prince Albert.


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