'The Worst Bathroom in New York' in Today's Times

Hey, check out the "The Worst Bathroom in New York" in today's New York Times.

Written for the Townies column on the Opinionator blog, the piece comes out of Village Voice reporting on a Bronx building formerly owned by Frank Palazzolo, who we named as one of the city's Ten Worst Landlords back in March.

Palazzolo isn't mentioned by name in the Times piece (But if you want to know more about him, you can search his name on this blog, or check out Page 2 of our recent cover story "Who's My Landlord?")

In that story, we detailed how Palazzolo has long denied he was a landlord. It's taken a year's worth of reporting, and Freedom of Information requests, to demonstrate that was indeed at the helm of a network of crumbling Bronx properties.

The Times story relates a New Year's Eve visit to one of Palazzolo's buildings, 2356 Lorillard Place, which had 551 hazardous code violations at the time it was listed on the city's Worst Properties list, and included, in our experience, the worst bathroom we've ever seen in one of New York's decrepit hovels.

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