There Is a Mountain Lion Roaming Around Greenwich, Connecticut

Just a mountain lion.
Just a mountain lion.

A cat "much larger than a German Shepherd" has been sighted in the town of Greenwich, Connecticut, just roaming around and, apparently, doing whatever it wants, including hanging out near neighborhood schools and, perhaps, shopping at Lilly Pulitzer. Connecticut officials have determined that it's a mountain lion "at least two to three times bigger than a dog." The New York Department of Environmental Conservation is assisting in finding a trap for it.

This is a rare sighting since mountain lions have been declared extinct in this part of the country, reports CBS; officials think it may have escaped or been released by a local handler.

FYI: It's legal to keep a mountain lion in New York -- but not in Connecticut. If you should see one, Greenwich Conservation director Denise Savageau says, "Don't freeze. You don't want to act like a bunny." No. No, you don't.


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