This Is A Video Of A Mom Ditching Her 4-Year-Old Daughter When Attacked By A Knife-Wielding Mugger

Just for the record, we don't have any kids, so perhaps we're not the experts on this. But we'd like to assume that for most people with kids, if they're confronted by a knife-wielding mugger, the first thing they're gonna do is try to protect their child. That wasn't the case for a Massachusetts woman, who found herself in that frightening scenario last week. Rather than protecting her 4-year-old daughter from the attacker, it seems the 43-year-old mother basically said " fuck this noise. Take the kid -- I'm outta here."

See for yourself in the video embedded above.

The incident happened in Springfield, Massachusetts, on Friday night. As you can see in the video, the mugger approaches the woman as she's walking out of a grocery store with her daughter. When the woman sees the knife, she takes off running, leaving the child behind.

According to local media reports, when the woman attempted to run back into the store, the mugger nicked her shoulder with the knife. Luckily, this creep wasn't a total scumbag and didn't hurt the kid -- she came away from the incident without any physical injuries.

Bad parenting aside, the mugger is still on the loose. So, if you happen to know anything about the incident, police in Springfield would love to speak with you.

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