This Week in the Voice: Siren Fest and the Fake Retirement of Ted Leo

Every summer, Coney Island gets taken over for a Saturday by a mass of incredible music, and the mass of fans who hop on the F or the Q to get to one of the furthest edges of Brooklyn to hear them. The best part? It's free, and it's ours: The Siren Fest is here again. This year's headliner? Mod-rock icon Ted Leo, who talked with Zach Baron about his fake retirement and caring just a little too much.

Elsewhere this week in Music, we care a lot, too:

We've got a few things to get passionate about in News as well:

  • Steven Thrasher wants to know What Happened to Ronnie's Kids, the three million illegal immigrants Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to in 1986.
  • Gustavo Arellano wants to know What's A Little Fraud Between Amigos? After all, the "sanctity" of this institution is supposedly under attack by the gays, anyway! Why not let immigrants take it down?
  • Meanwhile, Voice columnist Tom Robbins wants to know why you wouldn't vote for Richard Brodsky, attorney general to be?

In Food, we feel the fire in our stomachs:

In Arts, we're getting hot for aesthetics:

And this week in Movies:

All that, plus more Music, Art, Theater, Film, Books, Dance, Restaurants, Michael Musto, Free Will Astrology, and Dan Savage. And then some.

Here at The Village Voice, we never stop caring, and we never stop rocking. In fact, it's tradition around these parts.


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