Times Square Is Full of Sheep

There are sheep all over the northern end of the Broadway pedestrian plaza between West 45th and West 46th Streets in Times Square. They are made of paper, thankfully, and "protected by a foot-tall fence" as part of a public art installation called "Counting Sheep." They're actually kind of cute, although we're not sure that artist Kyu Seok Oh's plan for the sheep to help people escape the chaos of the square actually works:

"A group of white paper sheep suddenly emerging from a corner of Times Square will create a contrast to the intimidating, chaotic atmosphere associated with that sleepless corner of the world," Oh said in a statement. "Soft, white, and standing together these sheep will invite the neon covered surrounding buildings and large excited crowds to relax, count sheep, and doze off a little," he said.

If only there weren't all those people asking us if we like comedy and where we get our hair cut, maybe that could happen. But probably not.

The installation spans 36 feet long and 12 feet wide and is on display from today until March 7. Let's hope it doesn't snow.

These fun things are in Times Square, too...

Sheep Flock to Times Square [NYT]

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