Tourist Zombies Annoy Actual Working New Yorkers During Rush Hour

Don't worry if you ran into someone who looked distinctly undead (and not the morning-after-tequila-shots kind) on your way to the office this a.m. A bunch of zombies were stumbling around outside of Madison Square Garden, all in your way when you're already late to work -- but, you know, it was just an ad campaign for the premiere of the new AMC series The Walking Dead. Because the real zombies in New York City don't actually dress like zombies. Tourists.

Apparently at one point "about 15 zombies crawled on the roof, hood and trunk of a parked, off-duty taxi." Did anyone out there actually notice, or were we all too involved in our own flesh-(er, coffee?)-eating rituals to care?

Proving that zombies are rather a yawn for the intrepid New Yorker, here's this video from 2006, when zombies, yet again, took to the Manhattan Streets. New shtick, guys?


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