Traingasm Video A Spoof. Thank Gawd

We're relieved to report that the world is not quite as creepy as we initially thought it was after watching a video of an Upstate man having what can be best described as a "traingasm."

A few hours ago, we posted the video -- titled "Excited Train Guy" -- thinking it was legit. Turns out, it's bullshit -- hilarious bullshit, but bullshit nonetheless. 

As CNN explains in the video embedded above, the video was just a spoof of a video of 16-year-old "foamer" Mark McDonough, who actually had a bit of a traingasm after seeing what apparently is a rare train.

The spoof video was intended to draw attention to the tourist railroad Saratoga and North Creek Railway.

The video has now made its way to CNN, Fox News, and Good Morning America -- so mission accomplished, we suppose.

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