Vanity Fair Intern Survives Day 2 of Cable News Marathon

We thought he looked shaky in early rounds, but it seems Vanity Fair intern Thomas Kaplan has made it through a second day locked in a small room (he calls it a closet) watching cable news -- specifically CNBC, today. "5 p.m.--done!" he tweets. "Your screaming couldn't break me, CNBC! I will be back tmrw at 9 am for a day of MSNBC. Thx to all who helped me survive today." He admits in an interview with The Awl that CNBC was "sucking my soul... I don't think I want to make a career out of watching Larry Kudlow scream at people." Tomorrow is the final leg of his tour. Our only advice on facing MSNBC: Andrea Mitchell will test you, but Ed Schultz will break you. Beware!

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