Vendor crisis averted at Richmond County Fair

The Staten Island Advance reported yesterday that health inspectors were shutting down food vendors at the Richmond County Fair (warning: blinking type), and that a local politician on the scene was not happy with the situation

In a telephone interview direct from the fair, State Senator Andrew Lanza said he was told by at least one vendor, Bario's Caterers, Restaurant and Pizzeria of New Springville, was shut down because they did not have a permit.


When Lanza tried to get more information from the inspectors, he was told "I don't have to tell you anything." 

It appears that the inspectors were mistaken about that. Three hours later Lanza's spokesman announced that the "miscommunication" was straightened out, and the pizza is street legal again. The hot dog eating contest, happily, was not affected.

The fair runs through tonight.

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