Village Voice Publisher's Memo to Staff

On Monday, after Don Forst resigned as editor-in-chief of the Village Voice, publisher Judy Miszner sent the staff the following memo:

To: Everyone

This morning I received, with great sadness, Don Forst’s letter of resignation from the Voice. p>During my six years as Publisher of the Voice, I have had the great fortune to work with Don, who is an incredible colleague and friend. As Editor-in-Chief, Don has held the Voice to the highest levels of professionalism and journalistic integrity. It is no coincidence that during Don’s tenure the Voice has maintained a national reputation of excellence and received numerous awards, including NY Press Club, Deadline Club, Livingston, Mike Berger, Front Page, IRE and a Pulitzer for International Reporting. Don has also hired and developed an outstanding team of writers and editors. And these are just a few of Don’s legacies.

I wish Don much happiness and success in his future endeavors. He will be greatly missed.

Effective immediately, Doug Simmons will oversee the editorial department on an interim basis. Don will remain through December 31 to assist in the transition.

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