Vodafone Commercial Features Double Rainbow Guy, Rips Off College Humor

The Double Rainbow Guy, if you remember from our

memes of the summer

, was just hired to star in a commercial for Vodafone. The commercial shows The D.R.G. in complete awe of everything


on his New Zealand vacation. Great idea, but there's a catch: The commercial clearly rips off a parody of a video done by the College Humor team. Watch it after the jump.

Both videos are based off of the same (obvious) concept: that everyday things that come in pairs amaze the D.R.G. Both videos feature two of the same doubles: double ice creams and double cheeseburgers. And both videos succeed in making us very tired of the Double Rainbow Guy.

Speaking of memes, how's Antoine Dodson doing these days?

[via Buzzfeed] [Mtanzer]

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