Voice Adds Cred to Brad Pitt Column

When we're looking for sources to confer credibility upon our trifles and bagatelles, we go to the Times, the Post, and GerritsenBeach.net. When Brad Pitt is looking for such sources, he comes to the Village Voice. In his brief Vanity Fair tribute to Human Rights Watch, the star of Troy and Legends of the Fall quickly runs out of adjectives, resorts to attribution ("As The Village Voice [sic] noted, this is where the real investigative journalism of our times is getting done"), and ends in hyperbole, claiming "Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe had better look out. [HRW executive director] Ken Roth is on the watch." (No slur on Roth or HRW's terrific work, but Mugabe is probably beyond all fear of fact-finding, and more worried about an assassin's bullet.) While we would prefer to think Pitt is a regular Voice reader, we suspect he got the ref here via here. h/t NY Observer.

image via g_witzel_lucky (cc)

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