Voice Reader Blasts Hammell's Insufficient Concern for Rainforest, More

At the Voice we keep a scrapbook of our press notices. Here's one we've just loving pasted in, from the Populist America website, which evocatively describes Rob Harvilla's current article on folk-thrasher Ed Hamell as a "loathsome illustration of denial masquerading as a music article." Author Mickey Z's beef seems to be mostly with Hamell, whom Z faults for guarded optimism about Obama. "I guess there'll be absolutely no reason for Ed Hamell to write a new protest song when Lord Obama maintains the death penalty," Z writes, not to mention "the PATRIOT Act, the fence on the US-Mexican border... corporate welfare, homelessness, sweatshops, factory farming..." and so on through "200,000 acres of rainforest destroyed every 24 hours." Well, to his credit, Hamell does have a song called "Pussy."

Read imperialist stooge Harvilla for yourself, or Obama cultist Tom Robbins, or the reactionary Elizabeth Dwoskin, or the splitter Lynn Yaeger, or our roster of running-dog bloggers. And feel free to use comments to point out our doctrinal errors.

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