Wannabe Thief Busted by Spider-Man

Wannabe Thief Busted by Spider-Man
Barcroft Media

Note to comic book robbers: Never try to steal a comic book, not even a totally awesome X-Men omnibus, on International Free Comic Day. Also, just 'cause it's called International Free Comic Day doesn't mean the comics are free -- at least, not the really good ones.

Michael Baulderstone, 45, the owner of a comic book store in Adelaide, Australia, was dressed as Spider-Man for the very special day. He was just going about his business when his Spidey sense detected an audacious villain attempting to make off with the treasured item. Super powers activate! Baulderstone intervened while a group of Jedi knights and the Flash blocked the entrance of the store. Presumably they all went out for beers afterward.

Justice served.
Justice served.
Bancroft Media

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