Watch a Guy Bike Broadway's 13 Miles in 5 Minutes

Scott Lamb, the managing editor at BuzzFeed, recently took on the streets (or, specifically, street) of New York City

to cover the 13 miles of Broadway by bike from top to bottom

, filming it by helmet cam and then speeding it up 2,000 times for your viewing pleasure into just five minutes of daring via time-lapse videography.

He says: "The whole ride took about an hour, and the video is all one take except for the very end when we circled up around Bowling Green. My personal highlight was almost running over Mickey and Minnie Mouse just below 42nd Street -- they were out doing some sort of promotion but would NOT get out of the way. Besides that, the most surprising thing was how few other bicycles we saw -- I guess most people (wisely) choose other routes to navigate the island."

All Of Broadway In 5 Minutes (Timelapse) [BuzzFeed]

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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