Watch Mike Bloomberg Call Staten Island Chuck a "Son of a Bitch"

The groundhog fun continues! On Wednesday, Mayor Mike Bloomberg buddied it up with our predictor of winter's end, Staten Island Chuck, calling him "the best groundhog in the world," making nice, being properly groundhog-revelatory -- until Chuck was safely back in his cage. Then our mayor called Chuck a "son of a bitch" in a way that seems to indicate a distinct lack of pleasure in handling hairy rodents each February. Watch his caught-on-tape moment.

When asked for comment about his anti-groundhog gaffe by the Times, Bloomberg said, "You really don't have standing to talk about this unless you have been personally bitten by a groundhog. Those of us who have have an ability to understand the issue, to address it clearly, to assign responsibility and to try to ask God for forgiveness for the rodents that do these dastardly things."

In other news, this groundhog stuff is weird.

[via NYT]


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