Welcome Back to Your Troubled Commute, New York!

Do you take the 4, 5, 6, the A, C, E, the B, D, F, M, or the L line? If so, your Monday may be feeling excessively Monday already. The MTA is reporting delays on all of those lines, most due to signal problems at 125th Street. The L is particularly troubled, with the MTA advising: "Due to signal problems system wide on the L line, please expect extensive delays in L train service in both directions at this time. As an alternate, customers are advised to take the A or J train service at the Broadway Junction Station."

The usual complaining and MTA-bashing has begun, but, you guys, this means you have a really good excuse to postpone your back-to-work-after-a-long-weekend blues just a bit longer while hanging out underground. I mean, really. It's like the MTA is doing us all a favor.

Welcome Back to Your Troubled Commute, New York!

No heads on sticks, please. The MTA tells us the situation is "ongoing."






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