Where's Our Depression Party Evite?

"The Great Depression is currently all the rage, with New Yorkers hosting Depression parties," asserts Temple University bulletin. Huh? Last month BusinessWeek elaborated: the parties are allegedly thrown by "twentysomethings" and "the clothes are '30s vintage and the playlists favor Big Band numbers and Dust Bowl ballads."

Our own Sound of the City pointed out that toffs had Depression parties back in the 30s, but they were rich and having a lark; plus they dressed "in sacks or tattered trousers," not like victims of the Panic of 1873.

OK, these guys had a party like the ones described. But they're stylish magazine writers who also went in for that sort of thing back when times were good. (This band is called Depression Party, but they sound like Simple Minds.)

We haven't attended any parties lately where everyone's clothes were tattered and Woody Guthrie blasted in the background. Well, actually we have, but it just happened naturally. Of course, we were all depressed.

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