'White Chocolate' Rivera Alleged Henchman Nabbed in Astoria Murder

NYPD cops have arrested yet another suspect in the murder seven months ago in Astoria of Stefan Middleton, 34, of Queens. Monday, they arrested Kyle "White Chocolate" Rivera, 24, (right) believed to be the actual gunman.

Yesterday, cops say, they arrested Shawn Williams, 23, of Queens. He's been charged with second-degree murder. Rivera, also of Queens, has been charged with murder, gang assault, and criminal possession of a gun.

Middleton was shot to death May 22 after an argument shortly after 1 a.m. on 35th Avenue, near 12th Street. As we previously reported, two others, Lashawn Battle, 21, of West Sayville, Long Island, and Anthony Johnson, 24, of Queens, have been arrested in connection with his death.

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