Woman Shot With Arrow in the Bronx

"U/D NY| BRONX| *PERSON SHOT WITH AN ARROW*," ran the Breaking News Network report on Sunday. Denise Delgado-Brown had indeed been shot in the stomach by a round-tipped arrow while exiting her car near a nursing home in Riverdale. Such incidents are rare in the city; in 2007 Noel Luria broke a neighbor's window on East 81st Street with a misguided arrow shot, but no malice was suspected in that case. (In 1987 a pregnant woman was killed by bow-and-arrow in Baltimore by a man attempting to hit someone else; her baby was delivered by Caesarean.) Delgado-Brown is in stable condition and police, who suspect the arrow came from nearby Henry Hudson Park, are investigating. Photo (cc) Zaskoda.

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