Women Forcing Men to Propose With Magical Hypno-Chicken

The above video describes an alarming trend started by a


fashion editor. 26 years ago, Kim Bonnell gave her assistant a chicken recipe. Shortly after she made the dish for her boyfriend, he asked her to marry him. The recipe made its rounds, and Yahoo reports that it is now "

linked to 72 marriages.

" Across the country there are 72 men loading Anthropology bags into their Honda Odysseys thinking, "Damn that voodoo chicken!"

Ladies: Here's a link to the chicken recipe. Use it with caution; if your son from your first marriage mistakenly eats the leftovers, you will be responsible for an Oedipal complex coated in delicious herbs and spices.

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Men: If you are sitting down to dinner tonight and your girlfriend brings out a lemony chicken dish from the kitchen, take that black magic fowl and throw it out the window. You're a man, damn it! No chicken's going to tie you down!

Everybody Else: Enjoy this fun story while you can. Once Hollywood turns it into a romantic comedy starring Kate Hudson with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as the chicken, you'll be pretty sick of it.

How to Make "Engagement Chicken" [Yahoo!]

[ngreene@villagevoice.com / @nickgreene]

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