Woodside "Park" Owner Fences It Off; Residents Complain

There's a little plot of land at the convergence of 59th Street, 60th Street, and 34th Avenue that residents call the "Woodside Triangle." They had been using the grassy plot as a park -- some say since Mayor Robert Wagner planted a tree there in 1959; others say "since the row houses on 59th and 60th Streets were completed in 1940." In any case, a local Carvel franchise owned the property awhile, but left it alone. Then in 2004 a company called Sano Construction took the land over from the defaulting Carvel and said they planned to build on it. Last week, local activists tell, Sano put up a chain link fence and boards around the property, rendering it inaccessible and unattractive. The activists also say recently Sano offered to sell the small property to the city -- for $300,000. At least residents have another three-sided porperty nearby, Quick Brown Fox Triangle, which is an actual city park.

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