Work Those Pink Panties

Thinking about trying out a fetish but not sure you’re ready? Want your boyfriend to talk dirty, but don’t know how to ask? Working up the nerve to come to bed with a paddle, but can’t face that “Haven’t we been over this before?” look on your wife’s face? Sometimes fetishes, however fun, can be hard to initiate. But don’t let a little real life awkwardness kill your libido. There’s always sex on the internet.

Cybersex isn’t just the most fun pastime to come along since the invention of binary. It’s also a safe way to explore the fetishes you may not be able to explore in real life. Interested in bondage? How about some power play? There are BDSM communities in Second Life and sexy role-playing groups in Yahoo—places where there are no such things as physical pain or STDs.

But sometimes it’s not a question of safety, it’s a question of options. Take the case of “Leg Lover,” a Click Me reader who wrote to me with his personal cybersex story. Leg Lover has a fetish for pantyhose and—you guessed it--legs. He says he has a real-life girlfriend of two years, but he still loves to cyber: whether it’s webcams, voice chat, or just text. “My girlfriend is great,” he explains over e-mail. “We have wonderful sex. I’m not wanting there.” But when it comes to Leg Lover’s less traditional tastes, she’s not interested. Even talking about it can be embarrassing, he admits. That’s why he heads online.


Heroine Sheik
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In a lot of ways, Leg Lover considers himself “a typical guy.” He loves porn; he loves dirty talk. He just also happens to love stockings. “There are a lot of people out there like me,” he says. “You’d be surprised.” At websites like, Leg Lover can stay in touch with other “hose”-lovers without the embarrassment. There, he can chat with friends, exchanges pictures, and meet "women" who share his interest. But it’s when he cybers that Leg Lover says he really gets to indulge his fetish.

“I like to cam and wear pantyhose,” he says. “I’ve been a huge leg man since high school, but it wasn’t until I started cybering and met a woman who was into hose that I dared to put some on.” Leg Lover says he immediately loved the feeling, and though he—like yours truly—is often frustrated with the current shoddy state of cybersex, he remembers a number of seriously satisfying encounters since his hose initiation. He shared this one with me:

I met a woman on Yahoo who likes men in panties. Well, I love lingerie and also have some panties (I bought all these items through the mail) and so we started talking… She asked me to put on some panties, and I showed her which ones I had, and told her I could change for her. I was getting harder with every change. She was on cam and also voicing with me, so she kept telling me how much she liked my panties and, ‘Those look real nice around your hard cock.’ Her cam was on her face and I could see her excitement as I put on each pair of panties. She then asked me to take off what I had on, and take another pair I had and ‘stroke your cock with those pink panties.’

“I was stroking and then she asked if I wanted to wear some pantyhose for her. I said yes, and she picked out a pair. I put them on and showed them off, and she was asking me to turn around, bend over...and asking how my cock felt in the nylon. I was so hard, my cock was a rock in the hose and she told me to stroke it, mainly through the nylon, then asking me how it felt. She was more and more aroused and I could see her staring at her screen, telling me to stroke my cock hard, then asking if I wanted to cum in the pantyhose. I said I did, and she got more dirty telling me to ‘stroke that hard cock and cum in your hose, show me your cum in your hose.’ Of course I did, and showed off my cum through my hose and running down my hosed leg. She loved it - as did I.

Hear those details? “Cum running down my hosed leg?” Leg Lover is alo indulging his fantasy by just writing about his experience and sending it to me. While he may not be able to get any leg love at home, he’s definitely found a way to play online. In fact, he’s covering the whole cybersex spectrum: steamy web cams, naughty chat, even a little erotic text sent to a columnist.

Cybersex often gets slammed as the poor man’s substitute for the real thing—but for cyberers like Leg Lover it offers something totally different: the chance to explore fetishes. Maybe someday his girlfriend will change her mind. But at least for now he won’t have to climb into bed wearing pink panties and full-length stockings hoping to convince her.

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