Would Stricter Gun Laws Have Prevented Trayvon Martin Shooting? Mayor Mike Sure Thinks So

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg yesterday said at a press conference that stricter gun laws could have prevented the death of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed Florida teen killed last month by a wannabe cop/neighborhood watch volunteer.

"Your heart just has to go out to the parents," Bloomberg said at a press conference yesterday morning in Brooklyn. "I guess you pray for the deceased, but this really struck a nerve with a lot of people across the country. I think what you see here and we should be perfectly clear about this: The gun lobby is writing our nation's gun laws."

"It's a disgrace," Bloomberg added. "They write them in Washington, they write them in state capitals.  And the result is that our children are being killed, our police officers are being killed, you and I and are families are in danger, in greater danger than we should be."

(Note: we did not attend the press conference. Clips were shown on various news outlets, including NY1).

We're not gun people, but it should be noted that Bloomberg is an anti-gun activist, who tends to throw gun legislation into every conversation that involves gun violence.

Bloomberg's the same guy who said that if former New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress was sentenced to anything less than the 3 1/2-year minimum prison sentence for possessing an unregistered gun (and accidentally shooting himself with it), it would be "a mockery of the law."

Bloomberg's also the same guy who's been noticeably silent about a former U.S. marine who was given a slap on the wrist (10 hours community service) for also possessing a gun that's not registered in New York.

The mayor's office has conveniently ignored our request for comment in the case of the marine -- we want to know if his sentence also is a "mockery of the law" in the eyes of the mayor, as other politicians have argued that the charges against the marine should have been dropped completely.

See our post on Bloomberg's crickets here.

Again, we're not gun people...at all. But a lot of people are -- and the Second Amendment aside, those people will make the argument that guns didn't kill Martin, George Zimmerman, a peculiar, wannabe cop did.

We want to know what you think, though: would stricter gun laws have prevented Martin's death?

Cast your vote below.

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