Would You Take This Guy's Deal?

In this week's Voice, reporter Kristen Lombardi recounts the sage of Daniel Peckham, a guy so dedicated to his rent-stabilized apartment in Chelsea that he will not move.

No matter what.

Nicholas Burham photo via villagevoice.com

Lombardi writes:

Two years ago, his landlord, Larry Tauber—by accounts, neither a sleazy slumlord nor a chummy pushover—offered Peckham $75,000 to leave his $1,007-a-month West 21st Street one-bedroom, so that he could begin a gut renovation of the building to convert it to swanky rentals. Peckham's refusals led Tauber to up the offer; by this summer, he'd tried to tempt the tenant with an $800-a-month lease governed by rent-stabilized guidelines on a renovated one-bedroom on West 69th Street between Columbus Avenue and Broadway, a five-minute walk away from the apartments of Steven Spielberg and Bruce Willis.

But Peckham kept saying no. . . .

Apparently, a rent-stabilized apartment--on the top floor, at the back of the building, facing south--is worth that much to Peckham.

But would it be worth that much to you? Would you take the deal? Is Peckham crazy?

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