(You Spin Me) Right Round Baby, Right Round

Shayna punim? Try shayne pupik! Although they’re also relying on the bush trope, (peddling a "Chanukah Bush" thong, natch) Jewish Fashion Conspiracy's "A Great Miracle Happened Here" boy brief (pictured, $15, jewishfashionconspiracy.com) plants a sweet spin on the dreidl's phrasing on your sassy Semitic sweetie's tochis. Other gelt-ish gifts: shoytz.com "Puttin on the Shmutz" bib ($14) for your bubeleh; jewlo.com flat-bottom "jew.lo" logo panty ($18) for your ass, be it zaftig or svelte; shmatas.com "Challah hu akbar" t-shirt ($21.95) for any no-goodnik; jewcy.com logo coin purse ($3) to hold your dreidl bounty; jewschool.com "I Don't Roll on Shabbos" shirt ($18) to declare that you are, in fact, "shomer fucking shabbos," in style; rabbisdaughters.com "goy toy" tank ($36) for your flirty friend; and heebmagazine.com limited edition Norman Fell Has a Posse shirt ($50) for me. It's ongepotchket and I'm oysgematert, oy my!

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