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Off-Broadway's Highest Honor

1962 Award Winners

  • Special Citations
    • Ellis Rabb
      for conceiving and maintaining the Association of Producing Artists (APA)
    • , The Hostage
      for using the best possibilities of Off Broadway to convey the essence of Brendan Behan
  • Obie Committee
    • Edward Albee, Walter Kerr, Jerry Tallmer
  • Music
    • No award given
  • Distinguished Plays
    • No award given
  • Distinguished Performances (actresses)
    • Sudie Bond, Theatre of the Absurd
    • Vinnette Carroll, Moon on a Rainbow Shawl
    • Rosemary Harris, APA Repertory
    • Ruth White, Happy Days
  • Distinguished Performances (actors)
    • Clayton Corzatte, APA Repertory
    • Geoff Garland, The Hostage
    • Gerald O'Loughlin, Who'll Save the Plowboy?
    • Paul Roebling, This Side of Paradise
  • Distinguished Direction
    • No award given
  • Costumes
    • No award given
  • Best Set
    • Norris Houghton, Who'll Save the Plowboy?
  • Best Musical
    • C. Jackson, James Hatch and Jerome Eskow, Fly Blackbird
  • Best Foreign Play
    • Samuel Beckett, Happy Days
      Walter Kerr abstaining
  • Best Director
    • No award given
  • Best American Play
    • Frank D. Gilroy, Who'll Save the Plowboy?
  • Best Actress
    • Barbara Harris, Oh, Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad
  • Best Actor
    • James Earl Jones, "Clandestine on the Morning Line," "The Apple," "Moon on a Rainbow Shawl"
      New York Shakespeare Festival


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