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Off-Broadway's Highest Honor

1986 Award Winners

  • Sustained Achievement
    • Mabou Mines
  • Special Citations
    • Genji Ito
      for Music
  • Playwriting
    • Eric Bogosian, Drinking in America
    • Martha Clarke, Vienna: Lusthaus
    • John Jesurun, Deep Sleep
    • Tadeusz Kantor, Let the Artists Die
    • Lee Nagrin, Bird/Bear
  • Performance
    • Edward Herrmann
      Sustained Excellence of Performance
    • Kevin Kline
      Sustained Excellence of Performance
    • Elisabeth Welch, Time to Start Living
    • Tom Cayler, A Matter of Life and Death
    • Dylan Baker, Not About Heroes
    • Kathryn Pogson, Aunt Dan and Lemon
    • Jill Eikenberry, "Lemon Sky" and "Life Under Water"
    • Josef Sommer, Largo Desolato
    • Elizabeth Wilson, Anteroom
    • Farley Granger, Talley & Son
    • Helen Stenborg, Talley & Son
    • Norma Aleandro, About Love and Other Stories About Love
  • Obie Grant
    • P.S. 122
    • Billie Holiday Theatre
    • Mabou Mines
  • Obie Committee
    • Eileen Blumenthal, Michael Feingold, Erika Munk, Julius Novick, Robert Massa, Gordon Rogoff, Voice Judges
    • Rosalyn Drexler, Gautam Dasgupta, Guest Judges
    • Ross Wetzsteon, Chairman
  • For Distinguished
    • PLAYWRITING Wallace Shawn, Aunt Dan and Lemon
  • Direction
    • Richard Foreman, Largo Desolato
  • Design
    • Rita Ryack
      Costume Design
    • Paul Gallo
      Lighting Design
    • Edward T. Gianfrancesco
      Set Design
  • Best Performance
    • Swoosie Kurtz, The House of the Blue Leaves


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