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Off-Broadway's Highest Honor

1995 Award Winners

  • Sustained Achievement
    • Ming Cho Lee
  • Special Citations
    • Dael Orlandersmith, Beauty's Daughter
    • Amy & David Sedaris, One Woman Shoe
    • Vernel Bagneris & Morten Gunnar Larsen, Jelly Roll
    • The Five Lesbian Brothers, The Secretaries
    • The New Group, Ecstasy
  • Playwriting
    • David Hancock, The Convention Of Cartography
    • Tony Kushner, Slavs!
    • Terrence McNally, Love! Valor! Compassion!
    • Susan Miller, My Left Breast
  • Performance
    • Joanna Adler, The Boys In The Basement
    • Eileen Atkins & Vanessa Redgrave, Vita And Virginia
    • Paul Calderon, Blade To The Heat
    • Malcolm Gets, Merrily We Roll Along & Two Gentlemen Of Verona
    • Felicity Huffman, Cryptogram
    • Linda Lavin, Death Defying Acts
    • Ron Liebman, The Merchant Of Venice
    • Camryn Manheim, Missing Persons
    • Kristine Nielsen, Dog Opera
    • Mary Beth Peil, The Naked Truth, Missing Persons & A Cheever Evening
    • Barbara Eda Young, Slavs
    • The Cast, Love! Valour! Compassion!
      and Director Joe Mantello
  • Obie Grant
    • Archives at LaMama
    • Blueprint Series at Ontologic-Hysteric Theatre
    • Nada
  • Obie Committee
    • Ross Wetzsteon, Chairman
    • Laura Ross, Assistant
    • Michael Feingold, Lisa Kennedy, Voice Judges
    • JoAnne Akalaitis, Michael Sommers, Lynne Thigpen, Guest Judges
  • Direction
    • Robert Falls, SubUrbia
    • Don Scardino, A Cheever Evening
    • Susan Schulman, Merrily We Roll Along
  • Design
    • Wendall K. Harrington
      Sustained excellence of projection
    • Jennifer von Mayrhauser
      Sustained excellence of costume design
  • Best Play
    • David Mamet, Cryptogram


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