Off-Broadway's Highest Honor

1956 Hosts

1956 Presenters

1956 Award Winners

  • Special Citations
    • Phoenix Theatre,
    • The Shakespearean Workshop Theatre,
    • Tempo Playhouse,
  • Distinguished Performances (actresses)
    • Shirlee Emmons, The Mother of Us All
    • Frances Sternhagen, The Admirable Bashville
    • Nancy Wickwire, The Cherry Orchard
  • Distinguished Performances (actors)
    • Alan Ansara, The Private Life of the Master Race
    • Roberts Blossom, A Village Wooing
    • Addison Powell, The Iceman Cometh
  • Best Supporting Actress
    • Peggy McCay, Uncle Vanya
  • Best Supporting Actor
    • Gerald Hiken, "The Cherry Orchard," "Uncle Vanya"
  • Best New Play
    • Lionel Abel, Absalom, Absalom
  • Best Musical
    • , The Threepenny Opera
  • Best Director
    • Jose Quintero, The Iceman Cometh
  • Best All--around Production
    • , Uncle Vanya
  • Best Actress
    • Julie Bovasso, The Maids
  • Best Actor
    • Jason Robards, Jr, The Iceman Cometh
    • George Voskovec, Uncle Vanya
    • Klaus Holm and Alvin Colt,
      Phoenix Theatre

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