Off-Broadway's Highest Honor

1977 Hosts

1977 Presenters

1977 Award Winners

  • Special Citations
    • Barbara Garson, The Dinosaur Door
    • Manhattan Theatre Club,
      for Sustained Excellence
    • New York Street Theatre Caravan,
      for Sustained Excellence
    • Theatre for the New City,
      for Sustained Excellence
    • Philip Glass, for the music for Einstein on the Beach
    • Ping Chong, Humboldt's Current
    • The creators of "Nightclub Cantata",
    • Charles Ludlam, for the design of Der Ring Gott Farblonjet
    • Carole Oditz, Douglas Schmidt, and Burl Hash, "Crazy Locomotive"
      costumes, set , and lighting
    • Henry Millman and Edward M. Greenberg, "Domino Courts"
      set and lighting
  • Playwriting
    • David Berry, G.R. Point
    • Maria Irene Fornes, Fefu and Her Friends
    • William Hauptmann, Domino Courts
    • Albert Innaurato, "Gemini" and "The Transfiguration of Benno Blimpie"
    • David Rudkin, Ashes
  • Performance
    • Danny Aiello, Gemini
    • Martin Balsam, Cold Storage
    • Lucinda Childs, Einstein on the Beach
    • James Coco, The Transfiguration of Benno Blimpie
    • Anne DiSalvo, Gemini
    • John Heard, G.R. Point
    • Jo Henderson, Ladyhouse Blues
    • William Hurt, My Life
    • Joseph Maher, Savages
    • Roberta Maxwell, Ashes
    • Brian Murray, Ashes
    • Lola Pashalinski, Der Ring Gott Farblonjet
    • Marian Seldes, Isadora Duncan Sleeps with the Russian Navy
    • Margaret Wright, A Manoir
  • Obie Committee
    • Michael Feingold, Dan Isaac, Erika Munk, Julius Novick, Arthur Sainer, Marilyn Stasio, Ross Wetzsteon,
  • Distinguished Productions
    • Playwright Eve Merriam, director Tommy Tune, costume designer Kate Carmel, and the entire cast of "The Club",
    • Poet Ntozake SHange, director Oz Scott, and the entire cast of "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf",
    • Mabou Mines, Dressed Like an Egg
  • Direction
    • Melvin Bernhardt, Children
    • Gordon Davidson, Savages
  • Design
    • See CITATIONS,
  • Best New American Play
    • Sam Shepard, Curse of the Starving Class

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