Off-Broadway's Highest Honor

1979 Hosts

1979 Presenters

1979 Award Winners

  • Sustained Achievement
    • Al Carmines,
  • Special Citations
    • Gordon Chater, Richard Wherrett, and Steve J. Spears, The Elocution of Benjamin
    • JoAnne Akalaitis, Ellen McElduff, and David Warrilow, Southern Exposure
    • Tadeusz Kantor, The Dead Class
    • The Negro Ensemble Company,
      Sustained Excellence of Ensemble Acting
    • The French Department of NYU,
      for its Samuel Beckett Festival
  • Playwriting
    • Rosalyn Drexler, The Writer's Opera
    • Susan Miller, "Nasty Rumors" and "Final Remarks"
    • Richard Nelson, Vienna Notes
    • Bernard Pomerance, The Elephant Man
    • Sam Shepard, Buried Child
  • Performance
    • Mary Alice, "Nongogo" and "Julius Caesar"
    • Philip Anglim, The Elephant Man
    • Joseph Buloff, The Price
    • Constance Cummings, Wings
    • Fred Gwynne, Grand Magic
    • Judd Hirsch, Talley's Folly
    • Marcell Rosenblatt, Vienna Notes
    • Elizabeth Wilson, Taken in Marriage
  • Obie Committee
    • Eric Bentley, Ruth Maylees, Guest Judges,
    • Erika Munk, Voice theatre editor,
    • Michael Feingold, Terry Curtis Fox, Julius Novick, and Arthur Sainer, Voice theatre critics,
    • Ross Wetzsteon, chairman,
  • Direction
    • Maria Irene Fornes, Eyes on the Harem
    • Jack Hofsiss, The Elephant Man
  • Design
    • Theatre X, A Fierce Longing, for sets and lighting
    • Jennifer Tipton,
      Public theatre, for sets and lighting
  • Best New American Play
    • Michael McClure, Josephine

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