Off-Broadway's Highest Honor

1987 Hosts

1987 Presenters

1987 Award Winners

  • Sustained Achievement
    • Charles Ludlam and the Ridiculous Theatrical Company,
  • Special Citations
    • Judith Malina, The Living Theatre Retrospectacle
    • The Woza Afrika Foundation,
    • Dario Fo and Franca Rame,
    • The Non-Traditional Casting Project,
    • The La Mama Great Jones Repertory Company, "Fragments of a Greek Trilogy"
      for the revival of this play
  • Performance
    • Morgan Freeman, Driving Miss Daisy
    • Dana Ivey, Driving Miss Daisy
    • John Kelly, Pass the Blutwurst, Bitte (The Egon Schiele St)
    • Laura Hicks, On the Verge
    • Robin Bartlett, The Early Girl
    • Rob Besserer, The Hunger Artist
    • Anthony Holland, The Hunger Artist
    • Clarice Taylor, Moms
    • Bill Raymond, Cold Harbor
    • Gcina Mhlophe, Born in the RSA
    • Philip Bosco,
      Sustained Excellence of Performance
    • Black-eyed Susan,
      Sustained Excellence of Performance
  • Obie Grant
    • The Irish Arts Center,
    • Brooklyn Arts and Cultural Association (BACA),
    • The New Theatre of Brooklyn,
  • Obie Committee
    • Eileen Blumenthal, Robert Massa, Gordon Rogoff, Michael Feingold, Erika Munk, Julius Novick, Voice Judges,
    • Billie Allen, Norris Houghton, Guest Judges,
    • Ross Wetzsteon, Chairman,
  • Direction
    • Garland Wright, On The Verge
  • Design
    • James F. Ingalls,
      Sustained Excellence of Lighting Design
    • Andrew Jackness,
      Sustained Excellence of Set Design
    • Robert Israel, The Hunger Artist
      Set and Costume Design
    • Paul Gallo, The Hunger Artist
      Lighting Design
  • Best New American Play
    • Richard Foreman, "The Cure" and "Film Is Evil, Radio Is Good"

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