Off-Broadway's Highest Honor

1988 Hosts

1988 Presenters

1988 Award Winners

  • Sustained Achievement
    • Richard Foreman,
  • Special Citations
    • Christopher Reeve,
      for his courageous work on behalf of Chilean artists
    • Elliot Goldenthal, "Juan Darien"
      for Music
    • B. H. Barry,
      Sustained Excellence of Stage Combat Choreography
  • Performance
    • Larry Bazzell, The Signal Season of Dummy Hoy
    • Kathy Bates, Frankie & Johnny in the Clair de Lune
    • Yvonne Bryceland, The Road to Mecca
    • Victor Garber, Wenceslas Square
    • Amy Irving, The Road to Mecca
    • Erland Josephson, The Cherry Orchard
    • Gordana Rashovich, A Shayna Maidel
    • John seitz, Abingdon Square
    • Peggy Shaw, Dress Suits to Hire
    • Tina Shepard, The Three Lives of Lucie Cabrol
    • Lauren Tom, American Notes
  • Obie Grant
    • CSC Repertory,
    • Theatre for a New Audience,
  • Obie Committee
    • Eileen Blumenthal, Robert Massa, Erika Munk, Julius Novick, Gordon Rogoff, Voice Judges,
    • Clinton Davis, Judith Malina, Guest Judges,
    • Ross Wetzsteon, Chairman,
  • Direction
    • Anne Bogart, No Plays No Poetry...
    • Peter Brook, The Mahabharata
    • Julie Taymor, Juan Darien
  • Design
    • Eva Buchmuller,
      Sustained Excellence of Stage Design
    • Huck Snyder,
      Sustained Excellence of Scenic Design
  • Best New American Play
    • Caryl Churchill, Serious Money
    • Maria Irene Fornes, Abingdon Square

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