Mica Levi, the 21-year-old proprietor of chaotically twee London trio Micachu & the Shapes, makes for an unlikely noise-rock heroine, which, of course, largely explains why she's currently hailed as such. Particularly right after South by Southwest—wherein thousands of fickle tastemakers migrate to Austin, Texas, and coolly regard thousands of aspiring hot-shit rock bands that inevitably blur indistinguishably into one another, while the tastemakers stand in front of one hot-shit rock band with their noses buried in their BlackBerrys/iPhones/official SXSW guidebooks so as to intricately plan which hot-shit rock band they'll go completely ignore next—anything that can break that fugue, any jarring note of audio/visual dissonance, is warmly welcomed and endlessly rhapsodized about. Mica's got plenty of both, dissonance and rhapsody, an unnatural racket... More >>>