Marlene Rhein's limp, self-mythologizing debut was "inspired by true events," the opening credit boldly shimmers, as if trying to deepen its significance. Casting her dweeby, severely-nearsighted salsa dancing sibling as a dramatized version of himself, Rhein—who directed Amy Winehouse's "Fuck Me Pumps" video and Tupac's last—has made an overaffected, preachy drama starring brother David as a milquetoast, creepily asexual accountant whose real-life ocular disorder causes his iris-less eyes to shake uncontrollably, sometimes getting him mistaken for a junkie. Rhein plays the sanctimonious sister he obviously looks up to, a house-dancing party girl (basically a silly excuse for Rhein to bust a move on-screen) who instructs him to go with God (the "big shot-caller" of the title) and follow his childhood dreams, which involve... More >>>