It's deep into a sultry early-July night, and a line stretches outside Joe's Pub in anticipation of yet another sold-out show from Italian pop star Jovanotti. Wreathed in tobacco fumes, the crowd speaks a subdued Babel of languages: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and even a smidgen of Japanese. The men, especially the younger ones, are trees in a boho forest of stingy-brim fedoras and pork-pie hats, sidling up to curvy blonde and brunette ladies done up in elegant cocktail-party drag. Once inside, revelers squeezed into the standing-room-only section do tiny dances in the tiny aisles; many of those fortunate enough to have a table are fellow musicians or friends of tonight's star attraction. To wit, a smiling and operatically zaftig black woman takes a seat near the stage and is soon the first of many people personally greeted by the... More >>>