Let's face it, one of the great joys of art viewing is the opportunity to check out people with no clothing on. Curated by Adrian Dannatt, this expansive exhibition strips off the pretensions of the idealized nude to get at the unadorned naughty bits, with images of naked females in Kasmin's main gallery as well as those of men, cheekily subtitled "Size Matters," relegated to the gallery's annex. Bare flesh is, of course, among the oldest and most various of subjects, and so the show ranges back in history as well as across genres and mediums. Not surprisingly, humor prevails, from Moyses van Uyttenbroeck's 1626 depiction of a ruddy man in a swimming hole grasping at the pale, plump body of a fleeing lady, to Mel Ramos's 2007 Pop sculpture of an upright banana peeled to disclose a topless blonde woman. But one also finds the straightforward, deadpan realism of... More >>>