Shortly before dawn on February 19, Edit Vanegas, sleeping with the rest of his family in a bedroom all shared on the second floor of a house in Lawrence, Long Island, suddenly awoke to a sense of something burning and the suffocating smell of smoke. He woke up his 13-year-old son, Eddie, and screamed at his wife, Morena, to grab their two girls. Edit and Eddie ran to a bedroom window. But there was no fire escape—even though their landlord had been ordered the previous year to build one. As the house burned down, Edit snatched his nine-year-old son, Leonel, out of bed, tucked him under his arm, and leaped out of the window. They fell two stories, but happened to land on a couch that neighbors had left out as trash. Eddie jumped after them. Leonel later recalled that it felt as if his feet were cracking apart when his... More >>>