"Lucinella is my name. I wear glasses." This is how the eponymous protagonist of Lore Segal's 1976 novella introduces herself, when we meet her upstate at Yaddo. "It's my first visit here and I'm in love with all five poets, four men, one woman, and an obese dog called Winifred." In turn, we are in love with Lucinella. She is a poet, "twentyish going on forty." She likes parties. Clean white bedspreads, men who understand her, and Pulitzers turn her on. Turn-offs include skinny necks, the full moon, and lovers who leave their towels "scrumpled" on the rack. She files her correspondence in a comical array of folders, variously labeled "Friends," "Acquaintances," "People I Have Never Met," "Business," and "Enemies." Consequently, the letters she receives move around frequently, and are inevitably lost. Almost always, you can put an exclamation mark at the end... More >>>