I now hate Rivers Cuomo, and I've always hated spiders, but I cannot hate Rivers Cuomo dressed as a spider. Nor can anyone else in the sweaty menagerie of Hammerstein Ballroom on Halloween night: The beer-sloshing peacock, violently swaying Teletubby, and mangy werewolf flapping his paws upward in an old-school "W" salute all roar for this small, unhinged man and his eight spindly arms as they hurtle, in no determinable order, across the bright stage. Wailing (clearly sincere) love for his "Hash Pipe," he flings three or four limbs across the shoulder of guitarist Brian Bell, tonight a dashingly angular housefly, and then bassist Scott Shriner, now a glittering beetle. No one approaches drummer Pat Wilson, inexplicably in the foreground, as his towering praying mantis head bobs menacingly over his corresponding... More >>>