The millennium showdown between Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani will be decided by a galaxy of factors neither completely controls. Giuliani will spend millions convincing suburban and upstate centrists that his grim "competence" is better for New York than her oozing "collegiality." She will spend more millions trying to pivot the race around her issue advantage on health care and education. But factors from the Golan Heights to the Kensico reservoir, from who sits in Saint Patrick's Cathedral to who marches on Saint Patty's Day, from Bradley to Bush, from a Justice Department slam at the NYPD to a special prosecutor's scorching of Hillary, could shape the contest of the new century. In 2000, Al Sharpton's Albany Hijinks at the Diallo trial may well become Giuliani's upstate fodder. Poughkeepsie-born Rudy Crew's 60-second commercial on the mayor's inability to work with others could strike a statewide resonant chord. Robert Kennedy Jr.'s crusade to save the watershed from Giuliani-backed developers might deliver a Westchester, if not Hudson Valley, margin to Hometown Hillary. A Joe Hynes or federal grand jury report on the fatal Williamsburg building collapse could underscore the 'One City/Two Standards' favoritism of... More >>>