A big international operation is going on on East Seventh Street. Benjamin Treuhaft is in his apartment staring at a globe with lots of pale blue oceans and pink continents and going over the plans for his next brigade to move 50 pianos into Cuba. "Any day now, our Western contingent will be driving a semi truck, an 18-wheeler, full of at least one, maybe two 40-foot containers of pianos and moving them across the country to the Harlem River Yard, where they will be taken over the border and into Canada. As we speak, 15 pianos—well, there is also a harpsichord—are waiting in Oakland in a warehouse. The truck will pick up four more pianos in Des Moines, seven in Cedar Rapids. Next stop, Champaign, Illinois—there's a guy with a piano farm there. Then New York, we got about seven pianos... More >>>