Though the smeary pink interior of 145 Luncheonette is accented with fake brick like a '60s diner, a squint through the window reveals an Arabic menu at the end of the room with no English translations. A mural on one wall depicts a town of adobe towers backed by breathtaking cliffs, while an airline poster reminds us that Yemen is "The Land of the Queen of Sheba." Don't worry if you can't read the menu, because your host will bring you a set meal (approximately $6.50 per person, exact price revealed with your bill). It begins with a straw-colored soup, a delicate consommé of lamb that would do any French restaurant proud. Though it's not quite curry, flavors like turmeric and ground coriander emerge, and you can make out a few morsels of celery and onion in the darkly translucent depths. In good time a salad of romaine, tomato, onion, and flat-leaf parsley arrives, unremarkable save for the crispness of its greens and a tangy,... More >>>