Amber's a fun-loving girl with a problem. The 19-year-old Dubliner likes a bit of "craic" and goes out most nights drinking and dancing with mates and boys. Now, though, a hookup has left her carrying the baby of an indifferent lad who's emigrating to Australia. Amber's mum, Lorraine, is anxious and depressed: Seven years ago, her junkie ex-husband robbed her blind and broke her heart, and her father recently had a stroke. A "head-doctor" tells her to do nice things for herself, like taking a salsa class. Luckily, Kay—Lorraine's mother and Amber's grandnanny—possesses a fortitude molded in less complicated times. A survivor of breast cancer, Kay looks after her impaired husband, lends a sympathetic ear to others, and, in her private moments, meekly investigates what a vibrator can do for a lady... More >>>